If The Snowflake Fits

I’m a “snowflake,” a liberal “elite.” Unlike snowflakes, I don’t melt in the sun, at least not yet – we’ll see what happens as climate change takes its toll.
I laugh at the title given by conservatives to me that calls me an elite. I want to feed the poor. I believe in education for everybody. I believe that no man is better than another based on the color of his skin or based on the family he was raised to.
I DO believe in working hard and education. But I don’t look down on those who are not educated. No, in fact, I fight for them to to protected and not taken advantage of by politicians who try to exploit their fears. I don’t equate lack of education with racism, bigotry and misogyny, but I do know enough to see the correlation and that frightens me. I will not apologize that as the child of immigrants who came here with NOTHING, I hard to get an education but to call me elite implies that I believe I am better than you. But is it really ME who thinks I am better than anybody?
So I fight for the underprivileged.
I fight for the rights of children.
I fight for the rights of women.
I fight for the rights of the elderly.
I fight for the rights of the LGBTQ community.
I fight for the rights of those who may not have health care – like coal workers with black lung.
I fight for the rights of victims of sexual harassment.
I fight for victims of hate crimes.
I fight for minorities who are marginalized by ignorance and racism.
I fight for education.
I fight against haters.
Call me a snowflake. Use your ill use of the English language to label me an “elite,” which implies you know nothing about elitism. But if what I’ve said offends you, I suggest you take a good look in the mirror.
When it comes to history, it is the liberals who time and time again stand on the right side of change. There is always resistance. There is always hate. But eventually, we do win.
So buckle up snowflakes. We have a long battle ahead of us.

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