How To Really Piss Me Off on Facebook

Just a note to all my Facebook friends. I’ve heard a few complaints out there. Just so you know – I’m not going to stop speaking out against #45. So, if you want to unfollow me, unfriend me, scroll past my posts, hide me, civilly disagree with me in a mature fashion – that’s fine. But don’t tell me to shut up or write “ENOUGH” on my Facebook wall and then block me without even engaging in a mature dialogue. You certainly cannot expect that I will have any form of respect for you as a mature individual any more. We are all entitled to speak out about what is happening.

And ANOTHER thing. Stop saying, he’s our President, move on. Accept it. Give him a chance to succeed. Do you understand that:

1) If there is, in fact, truth to greater Russian involvement with him and his surrogates than we knew earlier – this is of grave concern? As more and more facts of this are revealed, it is becoming clear that they have lied again and again? Many of us do not wish this administration success in withholding the truth from us.

2) He is acting consistently like a Dictator by trying to create massive distrust of a free press? Whether you like the media or not, in any given society, we need to have a non-state run media which challenges and investigates our government. That is NOT fake news. It is a pillar of any Democracy. Breitbart, Fox News and the Washington Times having access to him do not a pillar of Democracy make. There are those of us who do not wish this administration success at dismantling a free press and the 1st amendment.

3) He makes ridiculous claims, offers no proof, orders investigations that will cost millions of dollars and that WE THE TAXPAYERS WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM? Do you understand that if there is any legitimacy to this claim that Obama has, in fact, had his offices wiretapped, he has given no additional information beyond tweeting about it (misspelling tapp) and then going off to golf for the weekend and then ordering this investigation. Again, actions of a Dictator. Scary.

4) Bannon so much as admitted that all of the appointments that were made by Trump to each of the agencies was meant to dismantle the agencies and destroy each of them. How, in God’s name, do we want them to be successful? How and why do you?

5) While some of you may be for things like building walls, many of us aren’t. Many of us don’t believe in mass deportations. Many of us don’t stand for that. No, we don’t want that to be successful.

6) Many of us stand with the transgender community. To go after them the way this administration has is disgraceful. In addition, there has been an uptick in the number of hate crimes and murders of transgender women. No, we do NOT wish the administration further “success.”

7) The dismantling of Obamacare without a replacement healthcare plan in place will cost millions of Americans their ability to seek medical aid. How can anyone wish this upon our countrymen unless we lack any empathy? No, we do not wish this to be successful. Some of us have a heart. We don’t care only for ourselves.

8) We do not all support the immigration ban, which basically has just become a Muslim ban and a brown people ban if we’re going to be honest about it. The horror stories coming out if it, where not only people with legitimate authorization to come to this country, but citizens like Muhammed Ali’s son were detained – what in God’s name do we stand for any more as a country? No, this is not success. This is not OUR America.

9) What happened with the North Dakota Access Pipeline is one of the greatest travesties and tragedies many of us will EVER see in our lifetime. That NEVER should have happened. If you think that that was a success, there are no words for you. What we did as a country to our Native people once again when we had many options to circumvent their lands is despicable. We will never forgive #45 for his “success.” SAD! There is a special place in hell for those who supported that in the name of greed.

10) The rhetoric that has been launched on the anti-Muslim, nationalist, anti-immigration, anti-Mexican – basically anti-everything that is not white or Christian movement is frankly scary. We are seeing the consequences of it now in the very swiftly rising hate crimes being committed against those that this administration has marginalized. No, we do not wish this administration success in further dividing this country.

11) Some of us actually want to help refugees. We don’t believe they are terrorists. We believe they are living in a hell none of us can imagine and to close our doors to them at this time is the most uncharitable, ungiving and most callous thing we can do to people who are experiencing a hell that experts are saying cannot even be classified with PTSD. We don’t wish this administration success in keeping those doors closed.

12) We will not bow to a Dictator. Especially one who cannot spell in his tweets.

#RESISTANCE Kiran Kairab 03/06/2017

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